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Incentivized sharing, served inside or outside of your app.

Unlock true growth potential by leveraging your current audience with an exciting way to share. Here's how it works:

Results our customers are seeing

(These number are averages and will vary app by app)

Super High Quality Installs

Treats offers the highest quality installs you’ll find anywhere. Period.

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Only friends of your currently active, already engaged users will be invited

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Birds of a feather flock together

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The likelihood new users engage with your app is much higher than if they came in cold through an app install ad

Treats was made for your apps.


Pick your prizes

Pick whatever prizes you want ‐ or use predefined ones, ranging from cash to Super Bowl tickets.


Brandable & customizable

Customize the look and feel of Treats to fit your brand using our Dashboard.


Multiple games

With multiple games to choose from, we guarantee there is something that will work for your brand.

Native App Integration

Install & deploy in under 30 minutes.

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  1. 1. Add code at desired surfacing points

    Add code to your app where you would like Treats to pop up.

  2. 2. Control frequency

    Control the frequency and location choice using the Treats portal or your own internal rate-limiting tools.

  3. 3. People Play & Invite

    People play the game in your app and send invites.


SDK - Free

(No SDK integration)

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  1. 1. Send Link to Treats on Pre-existing Channels

    Send an email or push message to your users asking to help you spread the word.

  2. 2. People Play

    People play the game on a branded web version of Treats or in your app if they’re on their phone.

  3. 3. People Invite

    People send invites.

Treats face

Priced for simplicity.

No setup or hidden fees

2 $ Fee + prizes
Per install

  • Prize Fulfillment
  • Variable Rewards Referral Platform
  • Sophisticated Probability Distribution
  • Customizable for your Brand
  • Testing & Gatekeeper
  • Powerful Analytics
  • No integration required
  • iOS, Android, Unity and Cordova support

More effective than your current marketing.
Add Treats and become a hero.